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Penso Tecnologia is a Brazilian IT Company specialized in infrastructure that was created to enable companies to use technology in favor of their business. Since 2003, the company has been developing services and delivering solutions that provides customers performance and tranquility.

It is a recognized company by it commitment with the final result and concern with exceeding the expectations of the customers. Penso’s team works with the highest quality standards and is composed by specialized professionals in different technology areas and platforms.

Small and medium business

For small business, like a law or architecture firm, which does not justify the investment in an IT department, Penso acts as a technical support provider, supporting users, managing systems and technology providers in a modular way. Thus, Penso may even completely outsource IT.

Large companies and government

For largest companies, that has an IT department established, Penso works as a strategic ally in extension of the IT, through the provision of experts and multi-platform services for new technologies, in order to keep the company in constant innovation and optimize its resources.


In both cases, Penso allows the customer to be focused on its core business without worrying about the functioning and possible technological failures of the operation.

In addition to IT support services, Penso is a specialist in advanced solution, as networking infrastructure, telecommunications and database systems, and works in partnership with leading technology providers in the world. These solutions provide technology upgrade, increase in results and resources optimization without investments dispersion for the customers.

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